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UPS Ignite


UPS Ignite is UPS giving back — investing in the next generation of diverse-owned business. Through partnerships with Kellogg School of ManagementBeyond CEOThe Lonely Entrepreneur, and the Accion Opportunity Fund, this program holds the potential to not only transform small and medium-sized businesses, but the lives of the diverse CEOs and owners behind them.

I have the incredible opportunity of helping UPS tell this story through interviews and profiles of participants, partners and dedicated UPSers ensuring this program is there for who needs it most. From Minnesota, to Charleston, to Chicago, to San Jose and Atlanta, this story celebrates diverse business across the country with burgeoning businesses like XLFeet and The Honey Pot.

Read more about the program here: UPS Ignite!



Troy Bieser


Jordan Pilgrim


Troy Bieser


Meagan Massa