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Our experienced team has worked together for years taking video projects from ideation to reality. Our visual style, dedication to our clients, and commitment to our craft has resulted in multiple awards and millions of views around the world.
Troy Bieser Troy Bieser


Director / Producer / Editor / Composer

An award-winning filmmaker, editor, writer and composer; Troy has been the creative force behind numerous films, ads, and documentaries for top-tier agency, PR, and corporate clients around the world. He founded Chorus Films to create an agile turnkey production company with reach across creative disciplines. A talented multi-hyphenate who knows the process intimately from both sides of the camera, Troy brings a wealth of experience and quiet confidence to all of his projects. On set; he runs a tight ship while keeping it fun. In person: he’s a sincere, affable fellow who brings out the best in everyone from celebrities to first-time on-camera talent. You can check out his original music here. Or check out his personal directorial site at

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Tom Rittenhouse Tom


Director / Editor

Tom Rittenhouse is a dynamic creative and self-described “pretty chill dude.” Tom’s been a professional filmmaker since 2005 focusing most of his efforts toward directing and editing. Combine that with over a decade of deep improvisational comedy training, teaching, and performance, and you’ve got a very well equipped, instinctual artist. He loves to collaborate, he’s a good listener, and he strives to make on-set experiences fun and positive for crew members and clients. Speaking of clients, his list of past collaborations is lengthy and respectable, but name-dropping is boring so if you’d like to hear more about it, just reach out. You can also check out Tom at his very own

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Meagan Massa Meagan



Perhaps no one at Chorus Films wears more hats than Meagan. With a background in Post project management and freelance producing, she pounced on the chance to co-found Chorus Films and work with her favorite creative collaborators. She toggles between the roles of EP, line producer, and Post producer given the project needs, and is adept at working with agency, corporate and B2B clients. Meagan is also a gifted writer, emerging director, and a self-described movie nerd. Between commercial projects, she wrote and directed a short film, and is currently focusing her creative efforts on two feature screenplays.

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Jordan Pilgrim Jordan Pilgrim


DP / Editor

Jordan Pilgrim is a gifted cinematographer, colorist, and shooter with a decade of experience working in commercial, documentary, and narrative disciplines. He is also one of the most well-read people you’ll meet, and great to bang ideas around with over an IPA. The oldest of six brothers and a co-founder of the company, Jordan’s quiet confidence and unflappable work ethic on set are an asset to every production he’s on.

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Nathan Bowhall Nathan Bowhall


Editor / GRFX

There from the very beginning, Editor and all around creative savant Nathan Bowhall co-founded Chorus to continue serving his dedicated agency clients while expanding his range of storytelling and GRFX skills across multiple disciplines. Nathan’s rep as a gifted editor with incredible client skills precedes him. His originality, steel-trap brain, and amazing visual acuity are his secret weapons.

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Jamie Sheppard Jamie Sheppard


Sound Designer / Composer

An OG in the Chorus Family, Jamie Sheppard has been a trusted collaborator with Troy and the group for years. Besides being a gifted musician whose playing in bands with Troy for years, Jamie is an award-winning sound designer, composer and mixer. Working from his studio at the Biltmore Hotel, Jamie lends his talents and ears to a myriad of Chorus projects from commercial to original films and shorts.

Jim Bowhall Jim Bowhall



Jim has been part of the family since the beginning – both as Nathan’s brother and as a lifelong collaborator on commercial, corporate, and original projects. A talented designer, visual artist, and VR creator – Jim is often a part of our team. He also throws in on all our original science experiments ;).

Michael Anthony


Writer / Actor / Artist / OG

A talented multi-hyphenate, Mike has been there from the beginning as an inspiring force and trusted collaborator whose gotten his hands dirty on a number of Chorus projects. In addition to writing and some incredible nature photography, Mike directs for the stage, often at the Dalton Little Theatre in North Georgia, including runs of “August, Osage County” and “It Can’t Happen Here.” Word has it Mike is working on a dangerous new project with Troy we can’t tell you about yet.