Meagan Massa Wraps Production on Directorial Debut

Chorus Films’ Producer and partner Meagan Massa recently took on the role of Director for her original script “Get Over It,” wrapping a three-day, multi-location production in May.

Get over it

The short, about a woman dealing with the abrupt end of a romantic relationship, was inspired by the collaboration between lead actress Allison Maier and Massa, who also penned the film. The script brought to the screen a blend of the women’s individual experiences. “Developing the script with Allison was a natural evolution. We took care to root the story in personal experience and still allow space for the characters stand on their own,” explains Massa.

Get over it

As with most independent films, Massa had to help produce the shoot as well, adding a third hat to her list of responsibilities on the project. “If it’s important, you find a way,” she states. “But let’s be real – this film wouldn’t have been possible without our crew. It’s just so humbling to see professionals you admire donate their time and creativity to a project you care about deeply.”

Get over it

In addition to Maier as lead, the film boasts costars Melanie Parsons (lead singer of heavy metal band Royal Thunder) and Freddy Boyd (actor and General Company improvisor at Atlanta’s own Dad’s Garage Theatre.)  “I wrote the parts with these three actors in mind, so I almost had to pinch myself when we got into rehearsals.” says Massa, “They are all so immensely talented. I really can’t wait for people to see what we’ve done.”

get over it

Post production is slated to run between commercial jobs, with Nathan Bowhall helming the creative edit. Chorus and Massa are hoping to release the film in time for the 2020 festival season. Executive Producer and Chorus Managing Partner Judith Hoffman sums it all up: “We couldn’t be prouder of Meagan. All of us believe in both her and this film. We can’t wait to bring it to audiences.”


If you want a preview, hit us with a message or swing by Chorus Films’ office for a sneak peek.

“Get Over It”

Written and Directed by Meagan Massa

Starring: Allison Maier, Melanie Parsons, Freddy Boyd

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Troy Bieser