“Little Black Flies”: Scrappy Music Video for Rising Young Blues Star

Director Troy Bieser and DP Jordan Pilgrim went back to their indie guerrilla-film roots with the debut single and music video “Little Black Flies” for blues / soul upstart Eddie 9V.

Playing to Eddie’s throwback Stax Records sound, Troy gave the video a distinct Sympathy for The Devil meets Booker T studio vibe — highlighting a late 60’s / early 70’s color palette and keeping the camera handheld and swinging a la Truffaut, while winking at Goddard and Scorcese’s rock n roll work of the same era. Jordan applied his old Leica and Voigtlander lenses to capture the band standing in a circle and ripping through the song, while Eddie drops clues to the narrative reveal of his story.

Eddie EV

Shot with no crew, Troy and Jordan captured the proceedings as they went down at Standard Electric Recorders in Decatur, GA. Big thanks to the kindness of Damon Moon.

Check out Eddie’s new album on historic German Blues Label Ruf Records, this article at American Blues Scene — and rush out to see him while he’s still here in the U.S.

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Troy Bieser