Chorus Films Wins Three Addy Awards

The short doc “We Will Prevail” was awarded an Addy Silver for both editing and cinematography. Directed by Troy Bieser, Prevail tells the story of Jeremiah Cotton, an aspiring young boxer with Aspergers Syndrome and his dedicated trainer Garry Jenkins.

Shot over four days in Macon, Georgia, the film’s startling visuals (Director Of Photography, Jordan Pilgrim) and impactful storytelling (Editors, Nathan Bowhall and Troy Bieser) have garnered the doc much attention across Southeastern Film and Advertising Communities.

Produced internally by Jonathan Schmitt and Meagan Massa, the film’s story continues beyond the award-winning short piece, just as Jeremiah’s fight does.

Chorus Films also took a Bronze VR Filmmaking Addy for their educational piece “In Theory with David Kaplan”. The Virtual Reality piece features prominent Particle Physicist, Professor, and Filmmaker David E. Kaplan (“Particle Fever”) walking us through the formation of our solar system in an immersive cosmological re-creation brought to life with 3D Artist Jim Bowhall.

The piece has garnered global attention for both Chorus Films and Quanta Magazine, and has been featured as an immersive three-dimensional projection experience at planetariums and museums around the world.

For Director, Troy Bieser (a self-described space nerd) working with Mr. Kaplan and having the experience on display across the globe is a dream come true. “When you get to work with one of your science heroes, and Neil DeGrasse Tyson reaches out to express his love for the project, your inner geek goes into palpitations. The final piece and the whole experience was an absolutely amazing project to be a part of. It’s beyond cool.”

Watch either of the award-winning pieces here: