April 20, 2015



Now to the mission at hand: What is The Chorus?  

The Chorus, and its films, have been my dream for some time. And my father’s wish for his son. A humble man who worked every day of his life, My Dad’s desire for me was to take chances, utilize my talents to reach people, create something enduring, and to take care of my family in his absence.

And so, a definition of my family:

It includes My Mom, My Sister, My Brother-In-Law, and my nieces Sadie and Ella.


It also includes Editor Nathan Bowhall, Director Of Photography Jordan Pilgrim, and Writer/Producer Meagan Massa Hankin. Each one of them is a cherished collaborator and partner. Each one of them makes each one of us better.  Executive Director Jeff Poffenbarger, Business Manager Judith Hoffman, and Writer Jonathan Schmitt, round out this dream ensemble. They complete the collective international voice of this group and help to raise it confidently.





All of the aforementioned are people whom I love, respect, and admire on every level imaginable.

The Chorus Films is Us: a core group of storytellers and filmmakers who strive to create content that matters. Who tell stories that seek to engage. Who love what they do, and who compliment one another in that rare and brave fashion that can make incredible things happen.  

From script to screen — we bring the whole thing through. And we do it with heart. Big and small.  With a fleet of Gaffers, Grips and Set-Designers, or with a small crew. Whether we work on your commercial production, your web or corporate video, or one of our own films and documentaries — we dedicate ourselves to making every frame the best it can be. Our work speaks for itself. And our model: focused, agile, and collaborative, addresses the changing market and the burgeoning need for quality commercial, branded, and original content.  

You’ll find our blogs to be less serious in the future as each one of our members will chime in (mostly Meagan, who is much funnier than I am). So keep checking in for news on upcoming productions, debuts of films and series we have in development, and industry chatter about new films, equipment, and trends we nerd-out about.  

But most of all: let us commit our voice for you. Let us apply our creativity, experience, and acumen to your next project.  

You have my word — it’ll be something all of Us will be proud of. 

Learn more about us or drop us a line at us@chorusfilms.com.  


Troy Bieser

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