September 2, 2015

New Stories, New Films

Please indulge me while I pause for a moment of reflection. 

Because when you and your partners start a film company powered by a belief in yourselves and a dream – and in the first three months visit and document foreign lands, work on a myriad of inspired projects with amazing clients, and vastly exceed your initial hopes – you give back. You double-down. You make good on your commitment to being a company you can be proud of. You dedicate yourselves to telling stories that make this world a little better and a little deeper.  A world filled with more understanding. And a more colorful place to live. 

We are The Chorus. Everyday I am more and more grateful for that. 

A profound “Thank You” to the clients and vendors alike who have worked with us so far this year. You are helping us tell stories worth telling.

Here is a small preview of our upcoming films. We cannot wait to share what’s next.

Troy Bieser
Writer/Director, President

July 29, 2015

Souvenir from Singapore

My parents traveled quite a bit when my brother and I were kids. They went to exotic destinations. We stayed home with Granny.  The only upside was the moment immediately after the warm return greetings: when the suitcases were unzipped and the gifts emerged. Tokens from a journey we didn’t go on. For me, they came in the form of dolls. A hula girl from Hawaii with a tiny plastic flower lei. A basket-like woman woven in Jamaica. A carved wooden lady atop a camel all the way from Egypt. Mom and Dad made these offerings in no small part out of a sense of guilt, but I enthusiastically accepted them anyway.

A recent job sent Troy and Jordan on the road – LA, Singapore, Kansas City. Yes, that middle one was Singapore.  To prep for the international portion of the shoot, I worked closely with a field producer in Singapore, Michelle Chua of Plug + Play Productions. As we hammered out the details, my jealousy increased. Can you blame me? They were going off on a grand adventure, travel halfway across the world to shoot in this far-flung country I hadn’t even realized (before then) I wanted to visit, and all I got to do was the legwork! Read more...

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