July 29, 2015

Souvenir from Singapore

My parents traveled quite a bit when my brother and I were kids. They went to exotic destinations. We stayed home with Granny.  The only upside was the moment immediately after the warm return greetings: when the suitcases were unzipped and the gifts emerged. Tokens from a journey we didn’t go on. For me, they came in the form of dolls. A hula girl from Hawaii with a tiny plastic flower lei. A basket-like woman woven in Jamaica. A carved wooden lady atop a camel all the way from Egypt. Mom and Dad made these offerings in no small part out of a sense of guilt, but I enthusiastically accepted them anyway.

A recent job sent Troy and Jordan on the road – LA, Singapore, Kansas City. Yes, that middle one was Singapore.  To prep for the international portion of the shoot, I worked closely with a field producer in Singapore, Michelle Chua of Plug + Play Productions. As we hammered out the details, my jealousy increased. Can you blame me? They were going off on a grand adventure, travel halfway across the world to shoot in this far-flung country I hadn’t even realized (before then) I wanted to visit, and all I got to do was the legwork!

The guys made it up to me, though.

Our client’s shooting schedule included a down day to recover from the 23-hour travel it took just to get there. We worked with Michelle to secure permits and shoot our own footage in Singapore. They skipped around the city, capturing the landscape and the people. What Troy and Jordan brought back was breathtaking. Nathan and I might not have ever left Atlanta, but we got to walk the streets of Singapore simply by viewing the dailies. We were all drawn to the night footage from the Chinatown neighborhood of Singapore. There was a story here and we found a way to tell it. A little tone poem about travel and coming home. We hope you enjoy it.

I consider it my souvenir from Singapore.

Meagan Massa Hankin






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