March 19, 2016

2016 Atlanta Addy Awards


When you’re a small film company just starting out, it can be hard. Really hard. Especially when you begin with little more than dreams and your own money. It can also be pretty damn amazing.

In February of this year, The Chorus won two Silver Addy’s for our original short film “Travel With Us: Singapore” and our social-share mini-doc “Pale Clear: Wing.” We also got to be a part of our friends at BBDO’s impressive sweep of wins for their “Toys Unboxing Toys” series for Toys R Us.  

We just want to say Thank You: to Deeds Sakini Davis and Pale Clear, to Michelle Chua, to Fung Yi Astor Chan, to the awesome folks at BBDO, to Jamie Shepard Music for being our audio partner in every one of these awards, to The Atlanta Ad Club, to all of our clients, and to all of You. 

Thank you immensely for making our first year a truly rewarding one.

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