December 21, 2017

Happy Holidays 2017!

2017 Xmas Card_Chorus Films

2017 has proven to be quite a year on many fronts — with a number of new broadcast spots, web and social campaigns, growth in our original content division, and a shiny new office just around the corner from great restaurants (and bars) in lovely Decatur, GA.

Mostly though, we at Chorus Films are deeply thankful for another successful year of creating with you: our clients and friends, old and new. In our continued effort to put more good into this world, we are making a donation to Doctors Without Borders on behalf of all of you in our collaborative family. 

Thank you for being along this journey with us. We look forward to sharing some new and exciting developments in 2018. The best to you and all of your loved ones this Holiday Season. 

Happy Holidays!



May 25, 2017

Wanna Go To Space?

When we decided to start pushing into Virtual Reality (VR), it was with the perspective and hope that some stories are better told in VR than in a traditional filmic manner. The question soon became, what are those stories and how do we actually execute on them? 

After many months of hard work, talented team members, and an unflagging dedication to making a “stellar” piece, we couldn’t be happier to announce that Chorus Films has just completed our first major immersive VR content featuring renowned theoretical physicist, David Kaplan, for Quanta Magazine

 Come by and see it in person with a headset, I promise you: it’s badass.

-Judith Hoffman, CEO


July 6, 2016

“The Path” : A Chorus Films Original Short

Under ideal circumstances, you go into a narrative film knowing exactly what you are going to do: you’ve planned, pre-pro’ed, built storyboards, prepared equipment, worked with the actors, etc. When undertaking a documentary, however, you prepare in an altogether different way: you study your subject and listen closely to their responses, ready yourself to move quickly, focus your senses to react in the moment, and immerse yourself in the unfolding story.

When we approached artist Sal Brownfield about being the subject of a short doc, we had neither of those approaches in place. What we had was this: A willing subject and a visually arresting location. We had an idea of Sal’s work. It was late winter. And we had one afternoon to get it all done.

We simply dove in. We paid attention. We listened. We filmed.

The result is “The Path,” a tone poem featuring an artist speaking candidly about his process, his life, and his unceasing drive to create. It is neither a traditional, structured documentary nor an intentional narrative piece. It is simply the result of being in the moment and capturing that moment as it unfolds naturally. 

As filmmakers who pay their bills doing commercial and industrial work, Sal allowed us the chance to explore a different tone. Read more...

March 19, 2016

2016 Atlanta Addy Awards


When you’re a small film company just starting out, it can be hard. Really hard. Especially when you begin with little more than dreams and your own money. It can also be pretty damn amazing.

In February of this year, The Chorus won two Silver Addy’s for our original short film “Travel With Us: Singapore” and our social-share mini-doc “Pale Clear: Wing.” We also got to be a part of our friends at BBDO’s impressive sweep of wins for their “Toys Unboxing Toys” series for Toys R Us.  

We just want to say Thank You: to Deeds Sakini Davis and Pale Clear, to Michelle Chua, to Fung Yi Astor Chan, to the awesome folks at BBDO, to Jamie Shepard Music for being our audio partner in every one of these awards, to The Atlanta Ad Club, to all of our clients, and to all of You. 

Thank you immensely for making our first year a truly rewarding one. Read more...

December 21, 2015

Happy Holidays from Chorus Films


As a small group of seven individuals, this team bonded together to form a new kind of film company, officially opening our doors for business in May. The remainder of the year flew past quicker than we anticipated, yet somehow, each month exceeded our hopes and expectations because of you.

Due to our success in this first year, however humble, we aim to put more good into the world than we take from it. As a result, The Chorus Films has made a donation to Doctors Without Borders. To every one of you who hired us, worked along side of us, or simply cheered us on: thank you.

The Chorus Films will be closed from December 22nd to January 3rd. We intend to spend much needed time with our loved ones and recharge our creative batteries so that we may head into the New Year with renewed inspiration.

Here’s to 2016 and all the promise it holds.

The Chorus Films
Troy, Jordan, Meagan, Nathan, Judith, Jon and Jeff

September 2, 2015

New Stories, New Films

Please indulge me while I pause for a moment of reflection. 

Because when you and your partners start a film company powered by a belief in yourselves and a dream – and in the first three months visit and document foreign lands, work on a myriad of inspired projects with amazing clients, and vastly exceed your initial hopes – you give back. You double-down. You make good on your commitment to being a company you can be proud of. You dedicate yourselves to telling stories that make this world a little better and a little deeper.  A world filled with more understanding. And a more colorful place to live. 

We are The Chorus. Everyday I am more and more grateful for that. 

A profound “Thank You” to the clients and vendors alike who have worked with us so far this year. You are helping us tell stories worth telling.

Here is a small preview of our upcoming films. We cannot wait to share what’s next.

Troy Bieser
Writer/Director, President

July 29, 2015

Souvenir from Singapore

My parents traveled quite a bit when my brother and I were kids. They went to exotic destinations. We stayed home with Granny.  The only upside was the moment immediately after the warm return greetings: when the suitcases were unzipped and the gifts emerged. Tokens from a journey we didn’t go on. For me, they came in the form of dolls. A hula girl from Hawaii with a tiny plastic flower lei. A basket-like woman woven in Jamaica. A carved wooden lady atop a camel all the way from Egypt. Mom and Dad made these offerings in no small part out of a sense of guilt, but I enthusiastically accepted them anyway.

A recent job sent Troy and Jordan on the road – LA, Singapore, Kansas City. Yes, that middle one was Singapore.  To prep for the international portion of the shoot, I worked closely with a field producer in Singapore, Michelle Chua of Plug + Play Productions. As we hammered out the details, my jealousy increased. Can you blame me? They were going off on a grand adventure, travel halfway across the world to shoot in this far-flung country I hadn’t even realized (before then) I wanted to visit, and all I got to do was the legwork! Read more...

April 20, 2015



Now to the mission at hand: What is The Chorus?  

The Chorus, and its films, have been my dream for some time. And my father’s wish for his son. A humble man who worked every day of his life, My Dad’s desire for me was to take chances, utilize my talents to reach people, create something enduring, and to take care of my family in his absence.

And so, a definition of my family:

It includes My Mom, My Sister, My Brother-In-Law, and my nieces Sadie and Ella.


It also includes Editor Nathan Bowhall, Director Of Photography Jordan Pilgrim, and Writer/Producer Meagan Massa Hankin. Each one of them is a cherished collaborator and partner. Each one of them makes each one of us better.  Executive Director Jeff Poffenbarger, Business Manager Judith Hoffman, and Writer Jonathan Schmitt, round out this dream ensemble. They complete the collective international voice of this group and help to raise it confidently.





All of the aforementioned are people whom I love, respect, and admire on every level imaginable.

The Chorus Films is Us: a core group of storytellers and filmmakers who strive to create content that matters. Who tell stories that seek to engage. Who love what they do, and who compliment one another in that rare and brave fashion that can make incredible things happen.   Read more...

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